Miyabi High Quality Kimono Stroll Plan Kyoto Arashiyama · For the 15th anniversary of a long-established store of kimonos and yukata rental in the city !!

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Miyabi Kimono Free Time Stroll Plan

Miyabi Kimono Free Time Stroll Plan

Miyabi kimono is a high quality and comfortable to wear kimono. How about selecting Miyabi kimono for your sightseeing, girls’ gathering, tea party, general party and family outing, etc.?


※All prices shown on this website are exclude tax.

Contents of set

レンタル着物 オプション

雨傘 番傘 貸出


レンタル着物 オプション

・Nagoya Obi Sash
・Haori Jacket (Female)
・Rickshaw tour

We can arrange you take a rickshaw smoothly after kimono-dressing.

>more information about Rickshaw<


・About 50 shots by a photographer
saved in a Web album¥25,000


・Next Day Return
・Return to the other shop
・Hotel Return(Within the city of Kyoto)

In the case of the same day return, please return your kimono by 30 min.
before the closing time of the shop.
If you don’t come back on the same day, ¥1,000 is charged as an extra fee.

Akahime offers the other shop return service. You can get dressed at Kiyomizu-Gojo shop and undress at our shops in Arashiyama.
With this plan you don’t have to come back to Kiyomizu-Gojo shop. We deliver your belongings to our shops in Arashiyama and you could enjoy sightseeing in the area of Arashiyama until the very last minutes.

In November the hotel return service is not available because of tourist high season except for hotels in the Arashiyama area.

>Here are the details of the return options<


In case of your cancellation, please make a contact with us by the day before.
In case of an unavoidable on-the-day cancellation, please call us at 075-865-1180 to Akahime main shop.
There is no charge for the on-the-day cancellation but there is an exception as follows.
In the case of the cancellation of more than ten people, ¥2,000 is charged per person since we arrange the dressing staff in advance.




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